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The Knox Auto Story


Joe and Tom Denton started Knox Auto Parts in 1995, along with their dad Joe Sr. who is now retired. Starting from scratch with only one employee they have come a long way since that first day in August of 1995. Knox Auto Parts has been growing strong through the years and now
employs over 40 people.

The Denton brothers grew up in the salvage business on Long Island New York working for the salvage yard owned by their dad and two uncles. “We actually lived next to the salvage yard and worked there every day during the summers and afterschool” says Tom Denton the youngest brother.  In 1990 the Long Island business was sold and Jim Denton, the oldest brother, moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of being  a songwriter. In 1994 he was blessed with the hit song “Rope the Moon” performed by John Michael Montgomery but parts were in his blood and in 1996 he rejoined his brothers and dad in the business.

The automotive salvage industry has changed a lot in the last 17 years. Corporate consolidators have really brought competition into the market. When asked about the competition Jim Denton had this to say “Corporate competition has been really good for us. It has kept us on our game and had a great affect on the way we do business. Knox Auto Parts has seen tremendous growth over the last 17 years even with the competition. In 2010 Knox Auto Parts opened its 2nd location on Clinton Hwy and jumped into the aftermarket parts business in a big way. “We’re not just dabbling in the aftermarket parts business … we have made a sizeable investment with close to a million dollars in inventory alone”, said Jim Denton who heads up the Clinton Hwy location. “We are asking all of our customers who buy from us on the used side to come on board with us with the aftermarket parts that they buy… if they have a favorite used salesman that same salesman can sell them aftermarket parts as well”.


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